Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the data stored?

Information on this site is stored on a secure server at the University of Waterloo.

Are surveys that were conducted in the United States included in the archive?

The vast majority of surveys in the inventory were conducted exclusively in Canada. However, there are a number of surveys in the inventory that collected data from other countries in addition to collecting data from Canadians. Surveys that did not collect any data from Canadians are not included in this question inventory. Thus, surveys that were conducted exclusively in the United States are not included in the inventory.

Why are there some questions from a survey not included in the inventory?

In an effort to provide a broad selection of tobacco control questions, surveys that do not focus exclusively on tobacco control are included in the inventory. Only those questions that focus on tobacco control issues are included in the inventory. In some situations a survey may be included in this inventory but may have very few questions on tobacco.

As program evaluators and researchers may use this inventory in survey development some demographic type questions are included in the inventory to provide examples of these types of questions.

Is it possible to print a copy of a survey?

Users can print the questions from a particular survey by filtering on the survey name (i.e. select the survey from the drop-down survey tab) and selecting all records to include in a report. However, the question order will likely not correspond to the question order in the original instrument. Depending on the source used to enter the survey questions into the inventory, certain question attributes such as interviewer instructions and preamble to the question may not be included in the inventory. We suggest that individuals who wish to replicate a survey or view a survey as it was administered contact the agency that administered the survey to obtain a copy.

What surveys are included in the inventory?

We have attempted to include all tobacco questions from surveys that have at least one question pertaining to tobacco control. Additionally, we have limited our coverage to include only surveys with some Canadian content. We have tried to include all national and provincial surveys with tobacco questions. When we become aware of other surveys that meet our criteria we include them.

How can I get a survey included in the inventory?

If you have a survey that you would like to see included in the inventory please contact Karen Pieters at

What is TIMS?

TIMS stands for the Tobacco Informatics Monitoring System. By using this system individuals are able to examine data on key indicators for tobacco control. More information about TIMS is available at:

We have marked the questions that have been used to create indicators in TIMS. Users can click on the TIMS icon and will be taken to the TIMS website. Users will then be able to select various parameters (e.g. indicator, survey name, survey year) and view the data that is available for their selection.

Who can I contact for more information about the inventory?

If you have any questions about the inventory of tobacco control questions please contact Karen Pieters at

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